Otter Divers Beat Mansion House, Remain Undefeated!

The Otter divers rocked their inner Hawaiian spirit on Tuesday night while bringing their winning record to 3-0 after beating Mansion House with a final score of 58 to 14.

The Otters took FIRST PLACE in nearly every category: Freshman Girls-Chelsea McLenahan (57.30); Freshman Boys-J.J. Roberts (72.40); Junior Girls-Isabelle Whang (113.20); Junior Boys-Thibault Lede (119.85); Intermediate Girls-Megan Shipley (112.80); and Intermediate Boys-Brendan Doe (170.90).

The Otters swept the top three places in four categories: Freshman Girls (Simone Wilson-second; Mackenzie Martin-third); Freshman Boys (Caleb McManus-second; Christopher Whang-third); Junior Boys (James Hayden-second; Collin Henriques-third); and Intermediate Boys (Jack Hansen-second; Jon Antony Montel-third).

The other Otter divers who placed were: Charlotte Henderson (Junior Girls-third); Samantha Shuster (Intermediate Girls-second); Katie Vaughan (Senior Girls-second; Elise Doe (Senior Girls-third); Josh Shipley (Senior Boys-second); and Nico Shuster (Senior Boys-third).

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