Otter Divers Kick off the Season with Blue v Green Mock Meet

The Otters had their annual mock meet and the Blue vs. Green teams competed to kick off the season. And what a great start it was!  The Otter divers showed how hard they have been working these last two weeks.
Although the meet was close, the Blue team edged out a win over the Green tea with a final score of 35 to 32.

First Place Finishers:

Simone Wilson (Freshman); JJ Roberts (Freshman); Charlotte Henderson (Junior); Leo Estes (Junior); Sammy Shuster (Intermediate); Brendan Doe (Intermediate); Katie Vaughan (Senior); Spencer Dearman (Senior). 

Second Place Finishers:

Chelsea McClenahan (Freshman); Colby Reese (Freshman); Ella Henderson (Junior); William Wright (Junior); Jon Anthony Montel (Intermediate); Claire Newberry (Senior); Nico Shuster (Senior).

Third Place Finishers:

Avery Lane (Freshman); Caleb McManus (Freshman); Genevieve Wilson (Junior); Collin Henriques (Junior); Jack Hansen (Intermediate); Blaise Wuest (Senior).