The OSRC Member Directory is now LIVE!

You can now access the OSRC Member Directory in the “Manage Account” section of your member profile. Use the Directory for Club-related networking purposes with other members for activities related to use of the Club facilities such as arranging tennis or pickleball matches, pool play dates, private party invitations, etc. For info on proper use of the Directory, please refer to the Terms of Use.

By accessing the Directory, whether or not your name is listed, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use. Following is a brief list of basic Do’s and Don’ts for using the Directory:

Membership Directory Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Do utilize the directory for Club-related networking purposes.
  • Do contact a member to invite them to play tennis, Pickleball, swim, attend a birthday party or other private event at the Club.
  • Do contact the Club to send broad email communications on your behalf, subject to the limitations in the Terms of Use.
  • Do report abuse of the Directory to the OSRC Business Manager


  • Don’t make unsolicited contact with other members to describe or promote your business or services, to sell any product or service, or for solicitations of any kind.
  • Don’t use the directory to promote a political point of view.
  • Don’t use the directory contents to generate bulk communications, direct mail, or e-blast lists.
  • Don’t share the directory with third parties.
  • Don’t use inappropriate or offensive language.

To opt in or out of publishing your information, please follow these instructions.