Summer 2022 Dive Registration is Now Closed

Dive team registration for Summer 2022 is now closed. Please visit the Private Dive Lessons page for information about scheduling private sessions with our dive coaches.

Top 8 Reasons to Join Otter Dive

Here are a few reasons why we love being part of this team … and think you will, too!

Reason #8 – Learn something new this summer.

Don’t know how to dive? No problem! The only things you need to be able to do to join the team are: 1) swim the length of the pool; 2) tread water; 3) be willing to jump off the diving board feet first.

Reason #7 – Be coached by the best.

OSRC is lucky to have an awesome team of coaches who, in addition to being experienced champion divers themselves, have been part of the Otter dive team since its beginning.

Reason #6 – Learn to dive safely.

Our divers are coached from Day 1 on how to dive safely and are supervised closely to ensure proper techniques are introduced and mastered at each level.

Reason #5 – Impress your friends.

How many of your friends can do a perfect back dive or inward dive? Our coaches will teach you lots of new tricks that will “wow” your friends and family.

Reason #4 – Try dive as a complement to swim or tennis.

Many of our divers also participate on the swim and tennis teams. The practices are specifically coordinated so they don’t overlap—and you can enjoy an array of activities at the pool.

Reason #3 – Be part of competitive and winning team.

Although we didn’t get to compete in Summer 2020, we are looking forward to a competitive (and winning) season in NVSL Division 2! We have a talented pool of divers, many of whom compete at the high school level—and have even advanced to state- and national-level competition. We are also proud of our Otter alums who have gone on to compete at the college level!

Reason #2 – Be part of an awesome community of families.

With an average roster of 30-40 divers, we are a close-knit team with fun and supportive families. A highlight is our Wednesday Dive Recognition Dinners, which bring everyone together (after the Wednesday afternoon dive clinic) to socialize over a potluck supper and celebrate diver accomplishments for the week.

Reason #1 – Have a BLAST!

Our divers work hard to achieve their personal goals—but they always have a lot of FUN along the way. Dive team is a fun and casual way to spend the hot summer days and hang out with a great group of people. Join us!