Tennis Rules and Regulations

The following rules are for the safety, protection and enjoyment of all members and their guests. They are intended to protect the member’s investment in the Club. Payment of yearly dues constitutes an agreement by each member, their family, and their guests to abide by these rules. Infractions by any member or guest shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of the privileges of the offending person and may be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership as provided by the Bylaws. All members and guests shall use the Club’s facilities at their own risk and the Club is not responsible for lost articles on Club property. 

1. General

a.)  All the tennis courts are for the exclusive use of members and their guests and are to be used for tennis activities only, except that pickleball may be permitted on specially marked courts.

b.)  A copy of the tennis rules and court etiquette (See Appendix II) will be provided electronically to all Club members and posted on the Club’s website and any social media platforms. Reference to the rules will be posted on the tennis bulletin board and a copy will be available for reference in the Clubhouse. All members and guests are expected to follow these rules and exhibit proper court behavior at all times. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. The Business Manager, Tennis Pro and Tennis Liaison have the authority and responsibility to enforce the rules.

c.)  Members will always treat other members and tennis staff with respect. Disrespectful or abusive behavior by members or guests will not be tolerated and is subject to sanction under the OSRC By-Laws. Follow the Rules of etiquette in Appendix 2.

d.)  Tennis court hours are from 7 AM to 10 PM. The Tennis Liaison may extend the opening hour to 6 a.m. to accommodate higher than normal demand for prime court time and weather conditions, and if deemed not disruptive to surrounding neighbors. Lights will not be turned on in the morning.

e.)  Shirts and tennis shoes are required at all times on the courts. Black-soled tennis shoes are not permitted on the courts.

f.)  Skateboards, scooters, bicycles, roller skates/blades, glass containers, food, and soft drinks are not allowed on the tennis courts.

g.)  The Club tennis pro and associated tennis staff are the only professionals who may give private lessons on Club courts.

h.)  Hard courts are maintained from April through October.

i.)  Clay courts are maintained from April (subject to determination by the Pro) though October.

j.)  No smoking is permitted on Club property.

k.)  Spitting on Club property is prohibited.

l.)  Injuries (other than the kind typically incurred in the normal course of play) must be reported to the Pro on duty or Club staff at the Reception Desk. If none are available, complete and submit a Tennis Incident Report (See Appendix III).

m.)  Players will follow all posted health and safety requirements.

2. Admission to the Courts

a.)  Admittance to the courts is by key only. The gates will be kept locked at all times.

b.)  Upon request the Club will provide each family one free key to the lower courts. A key to the upper courts is available for a $20 deposit. Access to the tennis ball machine shed is available upon request to the Pro. Keys may not be loaned to non-members.

3. Procedures for Court Use

a.)  It is recommended that members make reservations to use the courts.

b.)  Players will groom the clay courts following play using the tools provided so that they are properly prepared for play by the next users.

4. Reservation Procedure

a.)  A reservation system will be maintained for all seven courts.

b.)  Members in good standing may make reservations on-line using the website’s reservation tool. The on-line system may be used throughout the year. Questions about reservations may be addressed to the Pro at

c.)  Reservation time limits are 90 minutes for singles and 2 hours for doubles. In cases of late arrival, a 10-minute grace period will be allowed. After the grace period, the court reservation will be considered to have been forfeited.

d.)  To ensure fairness, reservations must list all players (first and last names). No player may be listed on more than one reservation at a time. Failure to observe this rule will automatically result in cancellation without notification of all but the first reservation.

e,)  Players with reservations have priority for access to a reserved court when it is in use by other players without a reservation.

5. Tennis Liaison Reservations

a.)  The Tennis Liaison or the Pro, with the approval of the Tennis Liaison may reserve a maximum of 5 courts at one time for organized weekly use.

b.)  Subject to approval of the Board of Directors, the Tennis Liaison may reserve all seven courts.

6. Guests

a.)  All guests will pay the Club guest fee established by the Board of Directors throughout the year. The fee will be payable prior to play at the pool reception desk during operating hours or by depositing payment in the Tennis Shack drop box in the envelope provided. Payment may also be made electronically at the time of reservation once an online payment system is established.  The primary reserving member will be responsible for payment of all guest fees. The current fee is appended to these rules in Appendix I and will be communicated to the membership and posted on the premises by the beginning of the season.

b.)  At least one of the players on the court must be a member.

7. Junior Players

a.)  A junior player is one under the age of 18.

b.)  Junior players may not play on clay courts without an adult or a pro. Juniors ages 13-17 who qualify will be able to play on the clay courts during the summer without an adult or pro, once they have been approved by the tennis pro. Those juniors wishing to do so must register with the tennis pro and buy a clay court key. A list of approved juniors who can use the clay courts will be maintained by the tennis pro.

c.)  All courts will be restricted to adult use on weekends and holidays from 7 AM to noon. Clay courts #5 & #6 will be reserved for adult use evenings 7-10 PM. Junior players will be required to give way to adults during this time if the need arises.

d.)  Junior players may not be bumped from courts at all other times unless requested by the tennis pro for lessons or special activities.


Appendix I

2021 Guest Fee

Guest Fee – 2021: $3.00, payable at the Registration Desk, in the tennis shack drop-box, or online (when available).

The guest fee is applicable throughout the year beginning in 2021.

Court Reservations

Additional Court Reservation information:  The reservation system can be accessed via the website.


Appendix II

OSRC Tennis Court Etiquette

Tennis is often played without supervision, referees or officials. As a tennis player, it is important that you know and follow the rules and practice the courtesy of good sportsmanship and etiquette on court. Please know and abide by the following rules which will ensure a better playing experience for all members.

  1. Read and follow “The Code” of tennis for un-officiated matches.
  2. Please wear appropriate attire on court. Shirts must be worn, non-marking shoes only.
  3. No profanities, yelling or screaming at any time while on court.
  4. Cell phones must be silenced, except for health professionals on call.
  5. No food, drinks (other than water and sports drinks) or chewing gum on courts.
  6. Always show respect to all players and Club staff.
  7. Please keep the courts clean by picking up all balls and placing trash in the proper receptacle.
  8. To avoid slipping and possible injury, mop or squeegee any puddles until dry.
  9. Playing in the rain, particularly on the hard courts, can be dangerous. Use good judgement to avoid slipping on a wet court.
  10. Stop play and seek shelter immediately upon the first sound of thunder or flash of lightning.
  11. If you need to cross a court that is occupied to access yours, please only cross in between points.
  12. Do not retrieve a ball from another court while their point in still in progress. Please wait until they finish their point.
  13. No skateboards/scooters allowed. Only tennis and pickleball are played on the courts.
  14. If you are around the tennis courts but not playing, please keep noises to an appropriate level and respect members who are playing.
  15. Before starting play, ensure the court is free from hazards (extra balls, cans, or other debris).
  16. Always be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls when not asked to, throwing your racquet or any other object on or off the court.
  17. Always groom the clay courts and brush the lines following play. When finished, replace any grooming tools taken from another court in the designated location.
  18. Have fun! The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun. You can follow these rules of etiquette and still have a good time on the courts – the players on adjacent courts will appreciate it.

Click HERE to open or download a copy of the rules with key changes highlighted.