Pickleball Anyone?

Court 3 and Court 4 are lined for both tennis and pickleball. Court 4 is lined for 2 pickleball courts and can be used simultaneously using our portable nets located in the storage box – assembly instructions are below.

Equipment Loaners.  OSRC has pickleball equipment for members to use – includes 5 paddles and 3 balls.  The loaners are located inside the storage box on court 4.  Please sanitize before and after use and return when finished.  For any questions, please contact Patrick Escalambre pescalambre@bluechiptennis.net 

Net and loaners located in grey deckbox on Court 4

For more info: What is Pickleball?

Pickleball Noise Survey Complete.  A member survey and sound study have been completed and it has been concluded that pickleball is increasingly popular at OSRC and there is support for its growth while also being attentive to concerns about increased noise.  Our sound study found no evidence of extraordinary noise beyond what is found at a typical recreational facility, or ambient neighborhood sounds. Nevertheless, OSRC Tennis will undertake the following measures to manage pickleball noise and respect the interests of our closest neighbors:

  1. Restrict pickleball play during early morning hours (6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.).
  2. We will supply four “quieter” paddles and some “quieter” balls for use by pickleball players but use of these quieter paddles and balls will not be required.

Pickleball Program Growth.  OSRC is exploring morning and evening pickleball “Drop-in” sessions, socials, and tutorials for members interested in this fast-growing sport.  We also will explore ways to increase court capacity to accommodate more pickleball, without affecting tennis capacity.  As we manage the growth of the program, we will continue to be mindful of the noise associated with pickleball and may need to make adjustments as we gain more experience with increased play.